How can Moms achieve balance between work and home?

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September 15, 2021
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How can Moms achieve balance between work and home?

Moms who work away from the home often find it difficult to achieve home-work balance. A pediatrician has some prescriptions to help.

Healio carried a story about pediatrician Mary D. O’Shea, MD speaking to physicians about this topic at the Ending Physician Burnout Global Summit.

“The struggle to balance a career in medicine and a family life is very real, but there are effective strategies to achieve an equilibrium,” she said.

Dr. O’Shea “called her first strategy to balance home and professional lives ‘emotional regulation,’” that is, “the realization that whatever a child did that upsets you – such as their performance in school, home or sports and interactions with others – is not about you.”

She also recommended planning activities with children and adhering to those plans, as well as planning “daily activities for yourself and for your own benefit.”

She suggested “taking advantage of time-savers like meal preparation services, landscaping companies, grocery delivery, and professional housekeepers.”

Meaningful daily reconnection with your Creator and your spouse or a very good friend is helpful.

Finally, she suggested, “find a new passion, find somewhere else to be, find an identity outside of work.”

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