Fake Beef

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August 11, 2021
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Fake Beef

The latest fad in the “vegetarian” and “healthy food” categories involves a slew of so-called “plant-based fake meats” that purport to be healthier for people and the planet. But, are they?
Popular meatless hamburgers are sold under brands like “Impossible Foods” and “Beyond Meat.”
Most consumers have no idea that these products are actually ultra-processed foods that contain an astonishing list of additives.
So, which is better, an ultra-processed fake beef or a real beef hamburger?
The experts say it all comes down to your eating style.
If you’re a vegetarian and you miss the taste of a burger, fake beef may be an option once in a while, though a bean- or veggie-based burger is going to be healthier.
But in general, fake beef burgers are no healthier than a grass-fed beef burger, a turkey burger, or a chicken burger.
My advice remains: eat whole foods that are primarily plant-based and minimally processed and with few to no additives; and avoid the regular intake of ultra-processed foods of any type.

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