Parents, if you don’t immunize your child to Swine flu, you need to know this

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October 12, 2009
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Parents, if you don’t immunize your child to Swine flu, you need to know this

Parents who are choosing not to have their child immunized for Swine flu (and, unfortunately, that may be the majority of parents), are being urged to watch for these flu warning signs in their children.The AP reports, “At least 76 American children have died from the new virus, and doctors are urging parents to watch for warning signs that the flu has become life-threatening.”
According to a recent CDC report, “one-third of pediatric deaths from the new H1N1 virus were in children … with no known underlying condition that would put them at risk.”
However, “authorities are walking a fine line between making sure parents are vigilant without raising undue alarm.”
They are telling parents to seek immediate help if their child has:

  • fast or troubled breathing;
  • bluish skin color;
  • lack of thirst;
  • failure to wake up easily or interact;
  • irritability so that the child does not want to be held;
  • improvement of symptoms, then a return to fever and worse cough; or
  • fever with a rash.”
With any of these warning signs, don’t call your doctor, don’t go to an urgent care center — rather, take your child to the nearest Emergency Room.

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