Choosing Baby’s Changing Table

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June 15, 2009
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June 17, 2009
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Choosing Baby’s Changing Table

A changing table can be invaluable in helping parents with frequent diaper changes. But it should be properly constructed to safely support baby’s weight.
More Information:
The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions for parents in search of the right changing table:

  • Opt for a sturdy wooden table with guard rails to prevent tipping if a curious baby pulls on it from the floor.
  • If you select a changing table that folds, always make sure it’s sturdy and secure when open and in use.
  • Make sure that the table has a wide base to prevent being pulled over.
  • Choose a table that has shelves or a compartment to store baby supplies, so you can give baby your complete attention.
  • Guard rails on changing tables should stand at least 2 inches high.
  • Make sure the changing table has a safety belt, and always use it.

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