A blast from the past – YouTube video shows Dr. Walt’s ‘groundbreaking’ web events of 1999

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May 22, 2009
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A blast from the past – YouTube video shows Dr. Walt’s ‘groundbreaking’ web events of 1999

Speaking of memories (here on Memorial Day), I have fond memories of hosting a live, 5-night-a-week, cable TV show, “Ask the Family Doctor” on America’s Health Network and then Fox’s Health Network from 1995 – 2000. All-in-all, about 854 shows. Perhaps none was more watched than the first live birth on the Internet.
More Information:
Recently, someone sent me a link from YouTube of a 3 minute video that highlighted some of the innovations I was privileged to participate in while working with the networks. 
On Ask the Family Doctor, I hosted several of the nation’s first live televised medical procedures. I conceived (pun intended) and hosted the first worldwide live Internet and TV birth in June 1998 – a then innovative approach to reality TV that was covered by most large media outlets. You’ll see some of the media frenzy on the video.
Of my hosting this show, the international edition of Time Magazine said, “Dr. Walt Larimore, a distinguished private physician conducted the exercise like a veteran 60 Minutes reporter.” Look out Mike Wallace!
Besides the live birth, you’ll see me scrubbing in with Denton Cooley for open-heart surgery and also you’ll see me scrubbing in for what turned out to be a live-saving brain aneurysm operation.
You’ll also get to see video of me looking ten years younger than I do now, here
While with Fox, I was pleased to have been awarded the prestigious “Gracie” Award in 2000 by the American Women in Radio and Television for my work on a live television and internet program about breast cancer and reconstructive.
Besides hosting the show in-studio, I also performed investigative and field work. At its peak, the show was available in over 28 million American homes. 
Joe Maddox, the past President and COO of America’s Health Network, once said that I had more “…actual on-air TV experience than any physician in the history of television.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but appreciated the sentiment.
So, enjoy the video. However, no tomato throwing allowed! 

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