FRC Releases Powerful Video – ‘100 Days of Change for the Family’

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May 4, 2009
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FRC Releases Powerful Video – ‘100 Days of Change for the Family’

The Family Research Council (FRC) just released a powerful video report on the devastating first 100 Days of the Obama presidency. The report dramatically exposes the negative impact of the Obama Administration on life, marriage, the justice system, and other family issues.
More Information:
This video provides indisputable evidence of the current Administration’s hostility to the values of faith and family,” said FRC President Tony Perkins. “This President and his advisors have a very purposeful agenda, one that is seeking to take our country in a radically different direction. Mr. Obama is personally winsome, but his agenda is destructive.”
According to a report on, the video reveals Obama’s: 

  1. Change for the unborn, 
  2. Change in the stem cell debate, 
  3. Change in our justice system, 
  4. Change for marriage, 
  5. Change in government spending, 
  6. The planned radical reduction or elimination of charitable deductions and 
  7. Change in the economy.

An accompanying report uses the President’s own spoken words to emphasize how the change he is bringing about is radically different from what he has led the American people to believe he would do.
The video concludes with a repeated clip of Obama’s words, “Change has come to America”, which FRC says is a radical social agenda which preys on the most vulnerable members of our society.”
You can read more about this topic in the FRC article, A ChangeWatch 100 Day Edition: Change You Can Bereave In.

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