Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 7 – Not All Healing is From God

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March 20, 2009
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Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 7 – Not All Healing is From God

How we pursue health and healing is very important. Our concern, as Christians, is that there are wrong ways (even evil ways) people can pursue and receive healing. We wish to make the case that healing achieved by inappropriate means is healing that is not good and, in our view, is healing that is not from God.
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Some people seem stunned to learn that we believe that sometimes healing can occur that is not pleasing to God.
We believe that certain alternative therapies have spiritual roots that make their use inappropriate for Christians and unwise for anyone.
Any type of healing that might occur via these therapies is not worth the spiritual cost.
Therefore, from a biblical perspective, some therapies are always wrong.
Any seeking of healing, even “good healing,” for the wrong reasons or with the wrong motives may be wrong.
We must point out that not all Christian theologians and health care professionals agree with our view on this issue. The people of God come from different traditions and have different beliefs. They differ in their interpretation of different Bible passages and how they apply to current situations.
We therefore believe it is essential that we explain our thinking and give the biblical basis for our reasoning.
In the next blog, I’ll talk more about illegitimate spiritual practices.
In addition, the information we give in Part 2 of our book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, on the origins of alternative therapies, will help you understand why some Christian physicians, theologians, and pastors are so concerned about certain aspects of alternative medicine.
You can read more on this topic in my book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook.
Also, citations to all of the studies quoted in this blog are found in the book.
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