Researcher to APA: You Can’t Keep Ignoring Studies Showing Abortion Hurts Women

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December 1, 2008
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December 3, 2008
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Researcher to APA: You Can’t Keep Ignoring Studies Showing Abortion Hurts Women

The leading researcher responsible for a new study showing abortion has serious mental health complications for women says the American Psychological Association needs to reverse its own misleading conclusion that abortion doesn’t cause women mental health problems.
More Information: is reporting that in August, the APA released a new report claiming abortion poses no mental health concerns for women, despite a wealth of research showing otherwise.
The APA panel, which experts predicted would ignore the science because it was stacked with abortion advocates, concluded women who have abortions may experience some grief and a sense of loss, but it claimed there is no evidence showing abortion causes significant mental health issues.
Yet, according to, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University, led a research team which published yet another paper showing the APA is incorrect.
Coleman’s team found induced abortions result in increased risks for a myriad of mental health problems ranging from anxiety to depression to substance abuse disorders.
In her interview with, Coleman said her study is rock solid as far as appropriate research methods go
“By employing a nationally representative sample with controls for numerous adverse life experiences likely to cause mental health problems, the uniquely stressful influence of abortion in the development of various disorders was revealed,” Coleman said. “Studies like this make it difficult to explain away the potentially damaging effects of abortion.”
She told that the APA may eventually be forced to look at the evidence by medical journals willing to publish real science on abortion and its complications.
“I am encouraged that the Journal of Psychiatric Research published our study despite the politically incorrect findings. The APA’s recent effort to obscure the science on the mental health risks of abortion is apparently not shared by this mainstream scientific journal,” Dr. Coleman said.
“The findings of this study and many before it that were systematically ignored or inappropriately dismissed by the APA last summer stand in direct contrast to the conclusions of the Task Force Report,” she concluded.
It’s past time for the APA to put aside it’s pro-abortion philosophical leanings as an organization and begin to practice the two foundational tenants of excellent mental health care: (1) first, do no harm, and (2) secondly, do what’s right (and evidence-based) by the patient (or, in this case, women).

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