You’re NOT going to believe this! Planned Parenthood Offers Walk-in Abortions With Webcam Doctor!!

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October 10, 2008
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You’re NOT going to believe this! Planned Parenthood Offers Walk-in Abortions With Webcam Doctor!!

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is, believe it or not, now offering no appointment, walk-in abortions at its clinics without a physician on site. How will they do this? By offering dangerous RU-486 chemical abortions at all of their locations, with a Des Moines-based abortionist consulting by webcam.
More Information:
According to information from Iowa Right to Life it gets even worse. 
Planned Parenthood does not follow FDA Protocol for RU-486. Planned Parenthood gives women a cheaper combination of the pills in an RU-486 abortion, against the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration, which makes these abortions more profitable for the abortion group and more dangerous for women. 
Planned Parenthood gives women a single RU-486 pill, instead of three recommended by the FDA, then ups the dosage of the less expensive prostaglandin, Misoprostol, which expels the unborn baby. 
Planned Parenthood also cuts back the number of appointments the FDA recommends for an RU-486 abortion from three to two, which also increases Planned Parenthood’s profits by reducing office and staffing expenses.
RU-486 abortions are less messy for Planned Parenthood and more traumatizing for women, because the women are forced to deal with the blood and the dead baby at home – alone. 
RU-486 abortions take longer and are bloodier than a surgical abortion. In 2007, a woman in Lincoln, NE almost bled to death after Dr. Meryl Severson, Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Council Bluffs and Nebraska, performed an abortion on her. An attorney for Planned Parenthood blamed the victim, saying she “knew the risks.” 
You can bet the Planned Parenthood attorneys will use the same defense in Iowa, when women start dying or suffering serious injury from RU-486 in Iowa.
Click here to read the full story. 
My good friend, W. David Hager, MD, FACOG, of the Women’s Care Center in Lexington, KY, commented to the Christian Medical Association about this unethical and dangerous practice:  

“In the Kansas situation, reportedly, the patients do not have a routine ultrasound (to see if the pregnancy is in the uterus), only have two required clinic visits and receive the Misoprostol as a vaginal suppository (which is the mode of administration in many clinics) rather than orally. 

“The physician who is managing the medical abortions is not on site and administers care via a webcam setup. Should there be a medical emergency, the patient would receive care from ancillary personnel.

“Our Hippocratic Oath bound us to, ‘First do no harm.’ Now we have allowed providers to step further over the line by not only doing harm by destroying the life of an unborn infant, but doing it without ever laying hands on the patient herself.

“With a shortage of physicians who will perform surgical abortions, agencies have moved in the direction of providing non-surgical medical abortions and utilizing non-physicians as providers of the procedures. 

“With medical abortions, the subject develops cramping and bleeding at home or wherever they find themselves when the symptoms begin. 

“Since cramping and bleeding are also the early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, it is possible that she may not realize that the medication she has received to terminate her pregnancy will not work to end an ectopic pregnancy. 

“Excessive bleeding occurs in 2% of medical abortions and cases have been reported where delay in seeking care has resulted in catastrophic outcomes. Six deaths have been reported in the U.S. as a result of Clostridium sordellii infection.”

“Medical abortion sounds so sterile, and neat, but the end result is the same: one dead baby and a woman who will have to deal with the emotional consequences of the death of that baby for the rest of her life,” adds Dr. Hagar. “Now the physician who should be there to help her work through the emotional trauma has distanced him/herself further by use of a webcam. We should be ashamed!”

But, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s no shame at Planned Parenthood – just a Government-funded and extremely lucrative business profiting from dead babies and their potentially physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually damaged mothers.
For a report showing that 85% of Americans say that negative problems after abortion are common for women, click here.  
Also, here’s a report on a recent symposium reporting on the mental-health effects of abortion. The discussion was in response to a recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) that claimed one abortion does not cause significant mental-health problems for women. (Also, you can read my blog “Researcher on Abortion-Depression Link Says APA Report Ignores Best Studies” here).
Panelist Vincent Rue, director of the Institute for Pregnancy Loss, said the false claims and inaccuracies of the APA report are detrimental to women and to society.
“For women who are considering abortion, these women are now unlikely to receive sufficient information to enable informed consent,” he said. “They will be lulled in to a false sense of emotional security that the psychological effects of abortion are minimal to nonexistent.
“For many women who proceed with the abortion, this will make their recovery more difficult. They will likely feel an increased sense of isolation, stigma, depression and dramatization, being entirely unprepared for these feelings and symptoms.”

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