Smokeless tobacco ups oral cancer risk 80%

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July 2, 2008
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July 2, 2008
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Smokeless tobacco ups oral cancer risk 80%

Reuters is reporting that World Health Organization’s cancer agency is concluding that using chewing tobacco and snuff is less dangerous than cigarettes, which is linked to lung cancer. However, the smokeless products still raise the risk of oral cancer by 80 percent and the risk of esophageal and pancreatic cancer by 60 percent.
My Take?
If smokeless tobacco products can get you off smoked tobacco products, then I say go for it. But, the sooner you can stop all tobacco products the better. If you can’t stop by yourself, be sure to see your family physician who has tools to help you.


  1. Jasmine Turner says:

    Lung cancer scared the hell out of me that is why I do not smoke cigarettes anymore.

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