Will coconut oil, Axona, or bacopa prevent Alzheimer’s?

Coconut oil is being promoted to help “lift the fog” and reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms. It contains medium chain triglycerides. But, does it actually work?

Using triglycerides is based on the theory that in Alzheimer’s patients, the brain isn’t properly using glucose. Medium chain triglycerides can be converted to ketones … and then used as an alternative energy source for the brain.

However, the experts at Prescriber’s Letter tell doctors, “But don’t recommend coconut oil … it’s too preliminary.”

They go on to say, “If patients try it, caution them to use the oil as a REPLACEMENT for other dietary fats … not a supplement ADDED to the diet. Each tablespoonful contains 12 g of fat.”

What about Axona. Prescriber’s Letter says it “is a medical food promoted for Alzheimer’s disease. It contains triglycerides derived from coconut and palm oils and costs $85/month.”

Does it work. The experts say, “There’s not good evidence for this, either.”

Last, but not least, Bacopa monnieri, or brahmi,” is an herbal supplement some people use to try to improve memory. Prescriber’s Letter says, “explain (to patients that) there’s not enough evidence to say if it’s helpful for Alzheimer’s.”

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