What about COVID-19 and Miracle Mineral Solution (Sodium Chlorite) and Chlorine Dioxide Kits?

Long-time readers know that my “go-to” sources for natural medicines (herbs, vitamins, and supplements) are ConsumerLab.com and Natural Medicines(TM). ConsumerLab has posted about coronavirus and Miracle Mineral Solution (Sodium Chlorite) and Chlorine Dioxide Kits:

Miracle Mineral Solution (which contains 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water) and chlorine dioxide “kits” are not a solution for COVID-19 and are dangerous to drink.

A number of websites and social media posts promote these products to combat coronavirus. F

or example, on her website, marketer Kerri Rivera touts Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a “secret weapon” to fight coronavirus and keep the illness from progressing. (She was banned in the state of Illinois in 2015 from making any earlier claim that MMS can cure autism.)

Ingesting these products has not been shown to prevent or treat coronavirus. 

These products typically contain sodium chlorite solution to be mixed with a citric acid, such as from lemon or lime juice, or another acid before drinking, or are sold with a citric acid “activator.”

However, adding acid to sodium chlorite produces chlorine dioxide, a bleaching agent.

Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are active ingredients in disinfectants and should not be swallowed, as they can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration.

Such reactions are not evidence that the product is “working,” as claimed by some websites.

In 2016, ABC’s 20/20 detailed the case of a woman who died hours after drinking liquid Miracle Mineral Solution, which, the woman’s husband believed, may have caused her death. 

strong warning from the FDA in 2019 advised that Miracle Mineral Solution consumers are “drinking bleach” and states: “If you’re drinking “Miracle” or “Master” Mineral Solution or other sodium chlorite products, stop now.” 

Of course, the most important thing you can do to avoid infection with coronavirus is to prevent exposure by following the latest recommendations of the CDC and World Health Organization and take steps to stay healthy, including getting adequate sleep, keeping up with your daily exercise, and eating a healthy nutritious diet. 

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6 Responses to What about COVID-19 and Miracle Mineral Solution (Sodium Chlorite) and Chlorine Dioxide Kits?

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for exposing junk “cures” such as MMS! I appreciate your blog!

  2. Daniel says:

    you are a liar
    at the service of large pharmaceutical companies

  3. Daniel,

    Nope … no lies here … just the evidence-based data, facts, and the truth. Some have “ears to hear,” and others don’t. Some prefer delusions (fixed false beliefs) and deceptions. We each have the opportunity to become informed and then the responsibility to make wise decisions concerning our health. Oh, by the way, I have nothing to do with “big Pharma” whatsoever … nor do the fine folks at ConsumerLab.com from whom I quoted for this piece.

    Stay safe out there!

    Dr. Walt

  4. RICHARD B. SMITH says:

    You peddle bull better than a male cow. Just finished a several day routine of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and I’m back to feeling great again. Had all the symptoms of Covid 19 and immediately started my routine. I have been successfully using MMS for over 10 years now and anyone who says it is a bleach should not be prescribing any medical advice.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Carol. Much appreciated.

    Dr. Walt

  6. Richard,

    You must be drinking some sort of Kool-aide with that MMS. Of course, if all of the evidence-based docs and medical groups that have spoken out against this quackery should not, as you say, “Be prescribing any medical advice,” you’d have no one left to care for you when you really get sick.

    For more reasonable people reading this, here’s what the FDA said about MMS last fall: “The FDA recently received new reports of people experiencing severe vomiting, severe diarrhea, life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration and acute liver failure after drinking these products. The FDA is not aware of any scientific evidence supporting the safety or effectiveness of MMS products, despite claims that the solution is an antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial. The FDA encourages consumers to talk to a health care professional about treating medical conditions or diseases.”

    They add, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to purchase or drink a product sold online as a medical treatment due to a recent rise in reported health issues. Since 2010, the FDA has warnedExternal Link Disclaimer consumers about the dangers of Miracle or Master Mineral Solution, Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS, Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Protocol, Water Purification Solution (WPS) and other similar products. Miracle Mineral Solution has not been approved by the FDA for any use, but these products continue to be promoted on social media as a remedy for treating autism, cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and flu, among other conditions. However, the solution, when mixed, develops into a dangerous bleach which has caused serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.”

    Be wise, Richard. Be wise.

    Dr. Walt

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