Well-known hospitals test poorly on patient safety

Shannon Brownlee of the New America Foundation’s Health Policy Program writes “the most well-known hospitals have surprisingly bad safety rankings.”

Brownlee’s piece, on the Time website, says that while “many people would probably identify places like” Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic as the nation’s best hospitals, Consumer Reports last week released “hospital ratings that shed a different light on the quality of care patients are likely to receive at many of the nation’s hospitals. These rankings are based entirely on patient safety data, including factors such as mortality, infections, and readmission rates,” and “none of the 17 hospitals” at the top of the well-known US News and World Reports ranking were on the list.

The US News ranking is based “more on reputation than safety, and a hospital’s reputation has more to do with the capacity to perform highly technical, advanced surgery than the day-to-day struggle to treat hundreds of patients.”

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