Walk or Run?

Quick question — what’s healthier, walking or running? Well it turns out each activity has its own benefits.

A study compared the two and found that walkers’ steps aren’t in vain. Walking can be as beneficial as running when it comes to reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. In fact, it may actually be better.

However; running … well … runs away with providing weight loss and a trimmer waistline over time.

Now, if you’re new to exercise, you can ease into running by walking first. That’s often safer and in some ways better for your body.

Either way, don’t get caught up in the details and debate. Just pick one. Both are better for you than sitting.


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BTW, you can listen to the podcast of this news story here.

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  1. Robert Grant says:

    Think of you and our times of doing radio with fondness. You are a difference maker with broad influence reaching to many. Blessings on your ministry.

    Bob Grant

  2. Dr. Walt says:


    As you always have been, you still are such an example and encouragement to me. Blessings upon you and your ministry!


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