TV watching associated with bad eating habits

The Chicago Tribune reports on a study appearing in Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine finding that “both the amount of television viewing as well as the frequency of snacking while watching TV were related to a cluster of unhealthy eating behaviors.”

It further “found that the relationship between television watching and some unhealthy eating patterns remained even when children were not watching TV.”

In general, “watching television was associated with eating fewer fruits and vegetables and eating more candy, soda and fast food as well as skipping breakfast.”

The New York Times reports in its “Well” blog, “The survey uncovered a variety of differences by sex, age and race – for example, girls watched slightly less than boys, older children ate fast food more often, and white children were more likely to eat fruits and vegetables daily.”

Yet, controlling for these differences, “viewing time among the children was associated with lower odds of eating fruits and vegetables daily and higher odds of skipping breakfast, consuming candy and sugar-sweetened soda, and eating in fast-food restaurants.”

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