Treat knee pain with creams rather than pills

According the BBC, gels or creams containing painkillers are better than tablets for chronic knee pain.

This report is based upon National Health Service research in Great Brittan. Their study of almost 600 patients aged over 50 found the anti-inflammatory creams worked as well as the oral versions and had fewer side-effects.

My Take?

This is a very important study for older American’s struggling with join pain and their physicians to understand. 


Because, although anti-inflammatory creams and gels cost more initially, in the long run they may save money. 

In this study, both tablets and creams containing the anti-inflammatory drugs had the same exact effect on knee pain, but the side effects were very different.

Those treated with oral tablets had more minor adverse effects such as indigestion, increased blood pressure, or worsening asthma.

In addition, thousands of older Americans are hospitalized each year (and some die) from gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the tablets.

The topical preparations deliver a smaller dose directly to the affected area and so are less likely to cause such problems.


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