The higher your blood sugar, the worse your memory

USA Today reports that research published in Neurology indicated that individuals who did not “have type 2 diabetes but had blood sugar at the high end of the normal range performed worse on memory tests than those with lower blood sugar.”

In the study, the 141 “participants took a series of memory tests and had their blood sugar tested.” Additionally, participants underwent “brain scans to measure the size of the hippocampus area, which plays an important role in memory.”

On its website, CBS News reports that participants “with lower glucose levels were more likely to score higher on” the “memory tests than healthy people with higher levels of blood sugar.” In particular, the researchers found that “every 7 mmol/mol rise in blood sugar was associated with two fewer recalled words on the memory test.” Additionally, the “brain scans showed people with the highest blood sugar levels also had smaller hippocampus volume than those with the lowest levels.”

The Los Angeles Times “Science Now” blog reports that the findings “suggest that people within the normal range could help prevent cognitive problems as they age by lowering their blood sugar levels, said the author of the study, Agnes Floel.”

Now, you can have your doctor check your fasting blood sugar, but instead, I recommend you ask your doctor for an A1C test. This simple blood test will measure your average blood sugar for the previous three months. If it’s normal … congratulations! However, if it’s high (either in the “prediabetes” or “diabetes” range), you’ve got some work to do to improve your sugar … which will improve your health and your brain function!

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