Study: US kids should cut 64 calories a day from diet to reverse obesity trend

The Time “Healthland” blog reports that 64 calories is “the number … US kids need to trim from their daily diet if they’re going to meet the federal goals for slashing obesity by 2020.”

In fact, “without cutting those calories – either by eating less, exercising more or both – a child or teen in 2020 would tip the scales at nearly 4 lbs. more than a kid of the same age weighed in 2007-08,” according to a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. “That would result in more than 20% of children being classified as obese; the current figure is 17%.”

Even though “64 calories is the overall average reduction required to meet the 2020 goal, certain groups of young people may need higher or lower calorie reductions,” HealthDay reports.

“White youngsters would need an average reduction of 46 calories, compared with 91 calories for Mexican-Americans and 138 calories for black children, who have higher rates of obesity.”

In addition, “Children and teens in low-income communities … have higher rates of obesity and would require greater calorie reductions than those in higher-income areas.”

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