Study shows sleep deprivation leads to increased calorie consumption

ABC World News reported, “And in Healthy Living tonight, news for the sleep-deprived that will add insult to injury. Word that it’s not just that you’ll be squeezing into your clothes, but squeezing in while yawning. A study at the Mayo Clinic found that people who get less sleep tend to eat a lot more.”Furthermore, “when sleep was reduced by a third each night, the subjects ate nearly 550 calories each day than the participants whose sleep was great. Other research shows the sleep-deprived tend to eat more high-fat foods and especially ice cream.”

The Washington Post reports in its “The Checkup” blog that the findings were “unexpected,” as “lack of sleep was associated with increased leptin levels and decreased ghrelin levels, which the researchers say looks ‘more consistent with a consequence of a positive energy balance than a cause,’ according to the study abstract.”

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