Study: Shingles vaccine safe, well tolerated

The New York Times reports, “A study of people who received the shingles vaccine has found that it is safe and well tolerated, with an extremely low rate of side effects.”

HealthDay reports that “researchers looked at data from more than 193,000 adults 50 and older who received the shingles vaccine, also known as the herpes zoster vaccine, over two years.”

WebMD reports, “The researchers found no increased risk in the first six weeks after vaccination for stroke, heart disease, infections of the brain or spinal cord or other brain diseases, Bell’s palsy, or Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, which can occur when the virus that causes shingles affects the facial nerve near an ear.”

Medscape reports, “The only significantly increased risk the researchers identified was allergic reactions in the outpatient and emergency department setting in the 1- to 7-day window after vaccination.” The research was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

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  1. I wish the shingles vaccine was around for me. That is one disease you don’t want to get.

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