Study criticizes industry-funded sport drink research

ABC World News reported that “just as the Olympic games began in London, a reality check” about sports drinks “from a group of researchers from England’s prestigious Oxford University.”

Dr. Matthew Thompson, University of Oxford: “They used a lot of industry-sponsored scientists to do the research which makes us suspicious to begin with.”

Reporter Jim Avila said, “In fact, these MDs and clinical scientists say they couldn’t find specific backing for much of the sports drink advertising and much of what they could find they characterized as flawed science.”

Still, ABC noted sports nutritionist Dr. Karen Reznik Dolins (who has received honorariums from a sports drink company) as saying that corporate funding does not necessarily “disqualify that research,” noting the dearth of available funding.

Dolins added, “You’re not going to get large NIH grants to study sports nutrition issues.”

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