Splenda Not Splendid

Sugar-free foods and diet sodas are easy ways to cut calories. However, the latest news on a popular artificial sweetener may leave a sour taste in your mouth. 

A food safety group has downgraded its rating of sucralose from “Safe” to “Caution,” while they review an unpublished Italian study which links it to leukemia in mice. Sucralose is better known as Splenda, and widely used in foods and beverages.

Many artificial sweeteners have received scrutiny over the years, with the same organization rating many as “Unsafe.” This comes on the heels of other studies questioning the safety of diet sodas.

My advice is to limit the amount of these sweeteners in your diet. You can always find other ways to cut calories, without compromise.


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BTW, you can listen to the podcast of this news story here.

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