Sleeve gastrectomy may help improve, reverse type 2 diabetes in the very obese

HealthDay reports that laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy “is more likely than medicine to improve or even reverse type 2 diabetes in very obese patients,” according to a study published in the Archives of Surgery.

After comparing “standard diabetes medicine with … laparascopic sleeve gastrectomy” in 30 very obese patients, researchers found that “while 80 percent of those treated with the surgery had remission of their diabetes within 18 months, none of those treated with medicine did.”

MedPage Today points out, however, that “after the New England Journal studies appeared last month, the Endocrine Society issued a statement cautioning against routine recommendations of bariatric surgery for obese diabetic patients.”

Specifically, “the group noted that compliance with long-term lifestyle change is vital for patients undergoing bariatric surgery, and not every patient can handle it. Risks of surgery are also a consideration, the society said.”

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