Few things make new parents more anxious than the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—otherwise known as SIDS.

And with good reason—SIDS is still the number one cause of death in infants one month to one year old.

SIDS is troubling because some of the deaths cannot be prevented because of physiological issues. But several simple actions by parents can reduce the risk of SIDS over fifty percent.

Eliminate bumper pads, blankets, and soft bedding, and don’t share your bed with your baby or allow your baby to be exposed to tobacco smoke. These simply aren’t safe.

Also, don’t let your baby get too hot. And if you can, breastfeed through the entire first year. Most importantly, remember the “Back to Sleep” rule—babies should be put to bed on their backs, not their tummies.

There is plenty you can do to make your little one safely drift to sleep.


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2 Responses to SIDS

  1. Fannie Wiggins says:

    I lost my first son to SIDS Feb.3. 1964. Back then we didn’t know all the things to do that are know today. My heart goes out to any parent who goes through this. For the rest of your life you question yourself *did I cause this* *was there something I could have done to prevent it*. It has been almost 50 years and I still have these thoughts. Thank you for the article. I hope it helps someone so they never have to go through this.

  2. Fannie,

    Barb and I have lost four children to mid-pregnancies miscarriage. So, in some small way, we understand your loss. Of course, we, unlike you, were never able to hold our child(ten). But, we believe that the Bible teaches that we will see them one day. And, oh how we long for that day. Until then, may God grant you good-bye grace … until you see your little one again.


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