Shift workers face increased risk of heart attack, stroke

On its website, ABC News reports that shift workers may face an increased “risk of heart attack and stroke,” according to research published in the British Medical Journal. Investigators “analyzed the findings of 34 studies that included more than two million people who had work schedules including anything other than regular daytime hours.”

HealthDay reports, “Among the people in these studies, more than 17,000 had some kind of cardiovascular problem. More than 6,500 had heart attacks and almost 1,900 had strokes, the research showed.”

The researchers “found that shift workers had a nearly 25 percent increased risk of having a cardiovascular problem, a 23 percent increased risk of a heart attack and a five percent increased risk of a stroke when compared to non-shift workers.”

Individuals “working night shifts had the highest risk of a coronary event (41 percent).”

According to MedPage Today, the researchers reported that “adjustment for smoking or socioeconomic status did not affect the results.”

WebMD reports, however, that “the study also showed that shift workers were not more likely to die compared to daytime workers.”

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