Seven states move to create opt-out alternatives for child immunizations

USA Today reports, “Lawmakers in seven states are considering legislation that would make it easier for parents to opt out of mandatory immunization requirements for their children, sparking debate among public health experts and some parents.

All but two states – West Virginia and Mississippi – as well the District of Columbia, allow parents to opt out of school-required vaccines based on religious beliefs, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Those two states are now considering bills that would allow exemptions because of philosophical beliefs.”

According to industry advocates, “bills that would allow philosophical exemptions have also been introduced in five other states … alarming many public health experts.”

My belief is that parents should be able to opt out of vaccines for any reason they want. However, their children should NOT be allowed to attend school and put other children at risk.

Here are my blogs about others who agree with me:


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