Researchers seek ways to cut down on radiation from CT scans

The Wall Street Journal reports that researchers are attempting to find methods to reduce the radiation dose associated with CT scans, as more and more research suggests that that radiation may increase one’s cancer risk.

Paul Ellenbogen, chairman of the American College of Radiology’s Board of Chancellors said that until fairly recently, medical imaging sought to produce the “most beautiful picture,” which offered radiologists plenty from which to make a diagnosis. However, according to Ellenbogen, “Now we know it’s better to use a lower dose and get a less-pretty picture but still have the information needed to get the diagnosis.”

The Journal points out that, as part of the Choosing Wisely Initiative, some groups offered recommendations as to when certain imaging procedures can be skipped. For instance, the American College of Cardiology says that healthy individuals do not require stress-imaging tests at yearly checkups.

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