Researchers find little scientific evidence of marijuana’s benefits

According to the AP, “requests to allow medical marijuana use in Arizona for additional medical conditions could be doomed by University of Arizona researchers’ reports that they found little or no scientific evidence to support the proposals.”

Before reaching that conclusion, the team “looked for credible scientific articles and studies on harms and benefits of marijuana use for post-traumatic stress, migraine headaches, anxiety and depression.” They were asked to do so by the state’s Department of Health Services, which “is required under the 2010 law to consider requests to expand coverage.”

Notably, “Arizona health officials and medical-marijuana advocates agree the lack of scientific research is in large part because of restrictions on research of some controlled substances,” USA Today points out in its “On Deadline” blog while referencing the Republic’s article.

Nonetheless, “Humble will decide this month whether to expand the list of conditions eligible for medical-marijuana therapy.”

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