Research suggests more realistic breast feeding goals needed

In the New York Times “Well” blog, Jane E. Brody writes, “Concern is mounting that the ‘breast is best’ dogma is creating undeserved guilt and serious hardships for a growing number of new mothers.”

The blog goes on to say, “Many of (these women) work full time and cannot afford, professionally or financially, the prolonged maternity leaves needed to breast-feed their infants for the time now recommended.” One “recent study in Scotland showed” that “the gap between what is ideal and what is real is insurmountable for many families.”

The study’s “authors, who conducted 220 face-to-face interviews, mostly with pregnant women, new mothers and their partners, concluded that more realistic, achievable goals should be set, particularly in countries like the United States and Britain, which have struggled and thus far failed to meet targets for breast-feeding.”

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