Pro-abortion Medical Student Learns the Grim Reality about Abortion

A recent edition of the Washington Post Magazine had a feature about a pro-abortion medical student, Lesley Wojick, deciding whether to become a professional abortionist or not. When Wojick observed an actual abortion, “[t]he patient was in obvious pain. Her screams gave Lesley the chills, and she thought she might throw up.” When one woman sought an abortion at 20 weeks, Wojick realized that on her neonatal rotation “she had tried to keep similar-sized babies alive.”

More Information:

The FRC reports that “even with Roe v. Wade giving legal protection for ‘abortion rights,’ the number of doctors willing to perform the procedure has been declining. And no wonder.

“The article describes in graphic terms how the young student was introduced to abortion techniques-beginning with practice abortions on a papaya, a fruit roughly the size and shape of a woman’s uterus. 

In the end, according to the article, Wojick decides, “Vacuuming out a uterus and counting the parts of the fetus did not seem like a desirable way to spend her work days.”

You think?

Pro-abortion groups would like to force medical schools to teach abortion and ob-gyn and family medicine residents to learn how to perform them. 

Fortunately, regulations that will soon be issued by the Bush administration should reinforce the freedom of conscience of medical students and doctors, even the pro-choice ones, like Lesley Wojick, who simply can’t stomach performing abortions.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration may rescind those regulations — meaning the only choice may be no choice.

You can read the entire chilling Washington Post article here

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2 Responses to Pro-abortion Medical Student Learns the Grim Reality about Abortion

  1. W Bryan says:

    Why so excitable about such things – surely we can all learn to get along and just dance a little?

  2. Dr. Walt says:

    Sounds like the medical student thought the dance was a good idea, until she actually got there. As the medical student so clearly saw, why would you kill a twenty-plus week unborn baby on one rotation and then work so hard to save the life of an identically aged baby the next rotation. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

    Dr. Walt

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