Physical inactivity linked to 10% of premature deaths

USA Today reports, “Physical inactivity kills. It is causing about one in 10 premature deaths around the world annually, says an analysis” published in The Lancet.

On its website, ABC News reports that “the researchers say the problem of inactivity is so bad that it should be considered a pandemic.”

MedPage Today reports, “On a global scale, physical inactivity was associated with 6% of the incidence of coronary heart disease (range 3.2% to 7.8%), 7% of type 2 diabetes incidence (range 3.9% to 9.6%), 10% of breast cancer incidence (range 5.6% to 14.1%), and 10% of colon cancer incidence (range 5.7% to 13.8%).”

WebMD reports, “Experts who study the health effects of physical inactivity praised the study for its broad scope and careful methods.”

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