People eat less when food is cut into smaller pieces

Moms always tell their kids to cut their food into smaller pieces and chew it well. Now there are data showing why. ABC World News reported on a new study suggesting that people may eat less when their food is cut into smaller pieces.

On its website, ABC News reports that for the study, presented at the international conference for the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, investigators “gave 301 hungry college students either a whole bagel or the same bagel cut into four separate pieces.”

WebMD reports, “The group that got the whole bagel ate a little more of it than those who got the cut-up bagel. But the real difference came 20 minutes later, when all of the students were offered a free meal.”

The researchers found that “those who’d eaten the cut-up bagel – even though they’d eaten a little less – ate less of the free meal.”

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