Oregon Offers to Pay for Cancer Patient to Kill Herself


Family News in Focus is reporting that a patient in Oregon, dying of lung cancer, has been denied payment for any more drug treatment. But, (and if this doesn’t shock you, your shocker is broke), the state will cover a fatal dosage of drugs so she can kill herself.

The good news is that the pharmaceutical company has stepped in to pay for the medicine Wagner was denied.

My Take? 

I’ve said it before, “When the ‘right to die’ is legislated, it invariably leads to the ‘obligation to die’.” And, when physicians are allowed to administer death, they are no longer trustworthy or entitled to claim the role of healer.

Can you imagine being elderly and very sick in a society allowing euthanasia. The doctor walks in the room with a syringe. How would you know if he or she was there to help you or harm you?

And, as the social-experiment-gone-crazy of physician assisted suicide (PAS) in Holland shows us, “the obligation to not be a burden,” coupled with limited healthcare resources, can lead to “physicians” administering euthanasia without the patient’s or family’s consent. 

Or, even worse, the “physician” can be pressured by the family to put the patient “under.”

For thousands of years the true physician’s first responsibility has been to “do no harm.” “Physicians” who administer PAS or euthanasia are not healers, they are murderers. 


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