Online Scheduler Helps Track Kids’ Shots

HealthDay News is reporting a story that should be read by every parent. A new online tool is avialble that helps parents and the doctors who care for children adjust childhood immunization schedules when one or more vaccinations are missed.

It’s common for children to miss getting vaccines at the recommended time. 

Therefore, when a child falls behind in the vaccination schedule, doctors must determine when it’s appropriate to give any missed vaccines or future vaccines. This typically requires the creation of a personalized catch-up schedule for each child, something that’s often done while the child sits in the treatment room.

The new online tool is designed to ensure that missed and future vaccines are given without violating guidelines regarding vaccines and doses.

My Take?

Every parent reading this blog should download this tool from the CDC Web site.


Then, add a comment to this blog letting me know what you think of it.


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