Officials worry about measles in places with low vaccination rates

The Wall Street Journal reports that US public-health officials are worrying about possible outbreaks of measles in parts of the country in which there are low rates of vaccination.

According to the Journal, overall vaccination rates in some such communities are under 80%, which is below the level needed to prevent an outbreak of some diseases.

USA Today  reports that “health officials are bracing for the possibility of a measles outbreak in the USA, fueled by unvaccinated American tourists returning home from this summer’s Olympic Games.”

The story notes that “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the Olympics in London, as well as the Euro 2012 soccer cup in Poland and Ukraine, will be huge draws for American travelers abroad and will increase the risk for measles infection. The virus is much more prevalent in Europe, leading to eight deaths and 26,000 illnesses last year.”

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