New treatment for tendon and joint problems

ABC World News reported, “There is a revolutionary new treatment for the wear and tear on joints that can come with exercise after 50.”

The treatment is “a cutting edge procedure known as platelet rich plasma injection therapy, or PRP, being used to treat conditions like tennis elbow, tendinitis, even arthritis.”

In this procedure, doctors draw a patient’s blood, then centrifuge it to “separate out the healing agents from the blood.

Doctors then take that part of the blood and inject it into the patient’s achy joint or muscle, hoping to grow healthy tissue.”

While PRP “doesn’t work for” every patient, “most patients are back to their activity within one to two weeks of the treatment.”

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2 Responses to New treatment for tendon and joint problems

  1. Fern Wilcox says:

    Is this the same thing as prolotherapy?

  2. No, Fern. It is not the same as prolotherapy.

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