New Alternative to DEET to Prevent Mosquito Bites

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As we head into the final holiday weekend of the summer, many of you may be outdoors this weekend. So, I wanted to share some new information on preventing mosquito bites — especially for parents desiring an alternative to DEET products. Here are a couple to consider:

The experts at the Prescriber’s Letter are reporting, “BiteBlocker is a popular natural alternative to DEET for preventing mosquito bites.”

BiteBlocker, contains 2% soybean oil and “works as well as low concentration DEET.”

Perhaps even more effective is oil of lemon eucalyptus (Repel Lemon Eucalyptus) as an alternative to DEET. According to Prescriber’s Letter, “Products containing 40% lemon eucalyptus seem to work about as well as products containing 20% to 40% DEET.”

Prescriber’s Letter recommends to healthcare professionals, “Advise against products containing citronella oil. These only work for about 20 minutes before reapplication is needed.”

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