Mediterranean diet reduces damage to small blood vessels in the brain

The Los Angeles Times “Boosters Shot” blog reports that a Mediterranean-style diet may “be associated with a decreased chance of small vessel damage in the brain. The diet … includes little red meat but lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy monosaturated fats from olive oil and nuts.”

HealthDay reports, “Eating a Mediterranean-style diet appears to reduce damage to small blood vessels in the brain,” according to a study published in the Archives of Neurology.

Researchers arrived at that conclusion after tracking “the brain health of almost a thousand people who completed a questionnaire that scored how closely they followed a Mediterranean-type regimen.”

What’s more, magnetic resonance imaging scans of the brain “revealed a lower burden of white matter hyperintensities in people with higher Mediterranean-diet scores, even after researchers took other risk factors like smoking, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels into account.”

“Eating a Mediterranean diet has already been linked to a lower risk of what’s called the metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke, and dementia,” WebMD points out.

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