Today I’ll be interviewed on the Internet TV show, Your Family Live. The show is aired, live, from 200 – 300 pm ET, and I’m tentatively scheduled to be on from about 235 – 250 pm ET. You can watch it live, or archived (after the show) here. The theme of the show is “Stressbusters for Moms.” I’ll be interviewed by my friends Yvette Maher and Juli Slattery.


Yvette Maher

Here’s the information on the show, from the show website:

We hear a lot about the power of “a mother’s love.” But what about a mother’s COURAGE?

The overwhelming joy of toddlers and teens is also filled with moments of anger, guilt, embarrassment and confusion. You don’t always have the answers. And what do you do when those deeper emotions surface?

Join Yvette Maher and Dr. Juli Slattery as we answer your questions.

Your Family Live is a safe place to share those struggles and find help, encouragement and relief. Plus our friends Pam Farrel and Dr. Walt Larimore will share some great stressbusters for even the busiest moms.

Finally, Focus on the Family is launching an exciting new contest right here on our show!


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