Many studies show benefits of exercise

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Numerous studies show that small tweaks to one’s routine can improve a person’s health.” For example, a study in published in the journal Circulation indicates “that small amounts of moderately paced leisure activity – as little as 20 minutes a day – lowered people’s risk of coronary heart disease by 14%.”

Another study presented at a biological medicine meeting suggested that “brisk walking a few times a week improved blood flow by as much as 15%,” while a study in published in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity suggested that “150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week was linked with a 65% improvement in the quality of sleep.”

Finally, a meta-analysis in PLoS Medicine concluded that while “people with the obesity-risk gene were more likely to be obese … the risk was reduced by 27% for those who were at least somewhat active.”

So, is it time for you to get started?

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