Maggots better than surgeons at wound debridement

Hmm … if you had a wound that needed to be cleaned, would you choose a surgeon or a bevy of maggots? And, would knowing the maggots were both sterile and painless change your decision?

The Los Angeles Times  “Booster Shots” blog reports that a study published in the Archives of Dermatology examined “nonhealing wounds on the legs of 119 patients. Half the patients had their wounds debrided with a scalpel three times a week for two weeks. The remainder had maggots – the larvae of the fly Lucilia sericata – placed on the wound twice a week for two weeks.”

According to the blog post, the investigators found that “wound healing at the end of eight days was significantly better in the group that was cleaned with the maggots.” After two weeks, wound healing in both groups were about the same, however.

My guess is the maggots were also cheaper.

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