Magazine photoshopping linked to eating disorders

ABC World News reported, “Just about every magazine in the world does it – tweaks those cover photos and glamour shots to perfection.” But, ABC correspondent Linsey Davis explained, “The most respected medical organization in America, the AMA, is weighing in to say all this photo shopping is actually bad for your health.”

Psychiatrist Jeremy Lazarus, MD, president-elect of the AMA, says, “Photoshopping, especially as it is related to children and adolescents, gives them an unrealistic expectation of what they might expect to look like as they grow up.”

Davis pointed out that studies associate exposure to manipulated photographs with “eating disorders and other health problems.”

For that reason, the AMA is urging advertisers to place a limit on how much they tweak photographs, with the “hope is that Photoshopping will at least be limited in teen magazines.”

Amen. But, I’m not holding my breath.

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