Low carb diet trumps low-cal for reducing weight and cancer risk

The Chicago Tribune reported, “Following a low-carb diet, even for only two days a week, was better than following a calorie-restricted diet every day for losing weight and lowering insulin levels, which are both associated with lower risks of breast and other cancers,” according to a study “presented at the American Cancer Research Society meeting in San Antonio.”

Specifically, the study of 115 overweight or obese women with a family history of breast cancer “indicated that … low-carbohydrate diets, even at two days a week, beat the daily calorie-restricted Mediterranean diet for weight loss, body fat reduction and lower insulin levels.”

What’s more, “insulin levels dropped by 18 percent in the low-carbohydrate groups, compared to only four percent in the standard low-calorie diet group.”

One of the researchers said, “We know people find it difficult to diet seven days a week, so we tried the two-day approach, which seemed to help women adhere. Many got into the groove and ate better on their off days, too.”

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