Lots of ads about Amberen for menopausal symptoms are popping up

Amberen is getting a lot of attention as a possible supplement for menopausal women. It’s promoted for hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, low libido, and weight loss.

According to a report from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD), Amberen’s manufacturer says the product is “backed by published clinical, toxicology and safety studies, and over 30 years of research.” They also claim, “Amberen is your best choice for a natural alternative to HRT (hormone replacement therapy).”

The NMCD say, of Amberen, “It contains unusual ingredients including ammonium succinate, calcium disuccinate, magnesium disuccinate hydrate, and others.” Amberen gets its name from the succinate ingredient. An older name for succinic acid is “amber acid.”

The manufacturer claims that it helps the body cope with physical and emotional stress. The manufacturer also cites preliminary animal and clinical research from Russia suggesting benefit.

But, does it work? The Database says, “Although patient testimonials suggest that the product might help, there is NO reliable clinical research.” … “We’re not convinced. More evidence about long-term safety and effectiveness is needed.”

To doctors NMCD says, “Don’t recommend this product until there is reliable evidence of safety and effectiveness.”

For menopausal women, this is one product I’d recommend you skip until there’s more reliable data.

You can read more on this topic at my blog entry, Natural Medications (Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements) for Menopausal Symptomshere.

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