Larimore Family Prayer Letter

In the past, these every-other-month prayer letters have only been send to a group of subscribers who faithfully pray for Barb and me and our family. But now we want to share it with those of you who read my blog. And, for those of you to whom prayer is a daily spiritual discipline, we hope you’ll include us and our ministry on your prayer list.Larimore Monthly Prayer Letter – December 15, 2012 to February 14, 2013

In this prayer letter:

  1. My Morning Glory, Evening Grace Devotional
  2. My Job Situation


  1. Barb’s Mom
  2. Kate’s Engagement
  3. Possible Book Award
  4. Current Writing Projects



1) My Morning Glory, Evening Grace Devotional

In my last prayer letter, I told you about my brand new “Morning Glory, Evening Grace” devotional and website and asked you to pray that the Lord would begin to make it known to His followers. The good news is that over 300 people have subscribed to and receive the devotional twice each day – including folks in a number of countries that are closed to the Gospel.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can visit the website here and if you click on the “Email Notification” button in the right column, I’ll send you an email of each day’s postings. You can also follow the devotional at FaceBook here or at Twitter @BibleDailyMGEG.

My prayer is that each reader will be encouraged each morning and each evening by the glory and grace of the Word of God. And, I’m hoping that you’ll let your family and friends know about this new devotional—along with those in your church.

2) My Job Situation

My last day at Mission Medical Clinic was December 6th. Because of a dramatic decrease in grants and giving, the administration of the clinic had to convert to an all-volunteer provider staff. That meant that they had to let the two family physicians who saw the bulk of the patients go. I was one of the two – and I must confess to having been deeply saddened by this as my heart and soul were deeply rooted in this wonderful ministry.

My approach, in the past, when a job situation suddenly ended (i.e., the Fox Health Network in March 2000 or Focus on the Family in October 2004) has been to just wait on the Lord. No panic. No sending out CV’s. No sending a prayer request to all of you to pray for a new job for me. Rather, just wait on the Lord.

I thought He might be pleased to give me a month or two at home just to rest and write. But, He did not.

When I came home from my last day at MMC, I had an email about a part-time job opportunity. Long story short, I’ve begun training to be an occupational health physician with Concentra Health Care. Friday was my first day of training, and I had a ton of fun. I’ll be in training all the rest of this week, also.

I do hope to keep seeing patients once or twice a month at MMC and am praying that one day the Lord may be pleased to place me back among the amazing people who minister there. I will miss each of them more than I can say.


1) Barb’s Mom

Thanks for continuing to keep Barb’s mom, Pud, in your prayers. But, she seems to be worsening now. Although her brain mets are gone, after whole brain radiation, the treatment has left her cognitively impaired.

In addition, she now has mets to her lower spine and they are pinching the nerves going to her right leg, which results in almost constant pain for her. We’re praying that the radiation she’s receiving to these lesions will relieve the pain, as it has in the past.

Barb’s planning to be in Baton Rouge at least one week a month to care for her mom and to be with her during this difficult journey. And, if needed, Barb will move in with her mom there in Baton Rouge.

Barb and I (and, I’m sure, Pud) would continue to cherish your consistent and persistent prayers.

2) Kate’s Engagement

Kate and her fiancé, Charles, have set their wedding date for Sunday, June 9th. And, they are well on their way to take the steps to CEMENT their marriage together before it starts – to “divorce-proof” their marriage (I wrote about these principles in my book The Honeymoon of Your Dreams):

  • C = premarital counseling (they’ll begin with a counselor soon).
  • E = premarital evaluation (they’ll be using the PREPARE/ENRICH system with the same counselor as above).
  • M = premarital mentor (they are visiting with two older couples at least once a month for marriage mentoring).
  • E = premarital education (they are looking for A Weekend to Remember or Engagement Encounter weekend to attend).
  • E = numbers or premarital financial preparation (they’ll do this by attending a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course weekly this spring).
  • T = Talking and listening to the Lord (they are learning to pray with and for each other and will need to decide on a church to attend together).

We’re so pleased that they are willing not only to prepare for their wedding but to prepare for their marriage.

I’ve also begun meeting regularly with Charles (he’s asked me to mentor him). I quite enjoy my time with him and continue to look forward to seeing where this leads. Prayers for all of us while we’re on this journey would be appreciated.

3) Book Award

I’m so pleased that my first two solo novels were released earlier this year. Hazel Creek was released in March and its sequel, Sugar Fork, in October. Several reviewers have compared them to the Little House on the Prairie books or Christy, which pleased me to no end.

However, I was ecstatic to learn that both novels have been nominated to receive a Christy Award. So, I was wondering if you’d join me in praying that the Lord might be pleased to allow one or both might be chosen for this prestigious recognition.

4) Current Writing Projects

I’d be blessed if you’d pray for me as I work on two writing projects this fall.

The first is an updated and revised version of The Saline Solution, which is a teaching tool I co-authored with pastor and theologian William Carr Peel, ThM, that teaches healthcare professionals how to bring their faith to work each day. The new course is tentatively titled Grace Prescriptions. We’ll be presenting the first trial conference of this new course in February (see EVENTS OF THE NEXT TWO MONTHS below).

The second is a book for girls heading into and through puberty—and their moms—The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Stupid Questions About Your Body that I’m writing with Amarylis Sanchez Wohlever, MD, a dear friend and former practice colleague at Heritage Family Physicians in Kissimmee, FL. This is a sequel to my book The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body that was released in March.


  • Oct 16-18, I was in Philadelphia, PA, for the meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians. My friend, Jeff Cain, MD, was inaugurated at the President of the AAFP and he’s asked me to deliver the invocation at his installation ceremony. I was so very honored to do this for him.
  • Oct 16-24, Barb was in Baton Rouge serving her mother. It was a good visit for her.
  • Oct 19-21, I flewy to Salt Lake City where I had the honor of presenting at the annual fund raising banquet of two Pregnancy Resource Centers. Friday night I was in Salt Lake and Saturday night in Ogden. Both events went very well and, in fact, both were able to raise more funds this year than in any year in the past. I was so pleased to be able to assist them.
  • Oct 27, I presented at the annual fund raising banquet of Life Network in Colorado Springs. My comments seemed to be well-received and I was, as I always am, to again be able to assist a crisis pregnancy center. These centers, across our country, do so much, for so many, on so little.
  • Nov 7-9, I was in West Palm Beach, FL. I was able to consult with a struggling faith-based medical clinic and then to speak at the annual fund raising banquet of their Pregnancy Resource Center – a great ministry.
  • Nov 9, I flew home and attended an afternoon board meeting of Life Network. The meeting went very well and I continue to be pleased to serve with the amazing men and women who make up this Board.
  • Nov 10-18, we got up early on Saturday to fly to Tampa, FL. We spent the night with dear friends and then on Sunday boarded the Norwegian Dawn for a one-week cruise of the western Caribbean. I was teaching healthcare professionals in a University at Sea series of talks on natural medicines. We also celebrated our 39th anniversary. We had a delightful time.
  • Nov 20-25, Barb and I went back to Baton Rouge to spend Thanksgiving with Barb’s mom and family and then from December 6-12, we were be back in Baton Rouge for a family reunion and to serve Barb’s mom. Please see my prayer request, above, for Pud.


Monthly Family Newsletter 

If you’re interested in our family newsletter, the December issue can be found here and the November issue here.

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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