Larimore Family Prayer Letter (8/15 – 10/14)

In this prayer letter:

  • 1)   JUNE 9th — Kate’s wedding
  • 2)   JUNE 11th — Black Forest fire
  • 3)   JUNE 15th — One Way Ticket to Baton Rouge
  • 4)   JUNE 24th — Jada’s Graduation
  • 5)   Number One Best Seller
  • 6)   Another printing of His Brain, Her Brain
  • 1)   Barb
  • 2)   Current Writing Projects
  • 3)   Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals


1) JUNE 9th — Kate’s wedding

On Sunday, June 9th, Kate married Charles Robert Ritz in a beautiful ceremony at the Inn at Palmer Divide. There are lots of pictures on my FaceBook page. After two months of marriage, the newly weds seem to be doing fine. On their second month anniversary, Barb was talking to Kate and inquired how she was doing in her marriage. Kate responded, “Oh, Mama … I was born for this!”


2) JUNE 11th — Black Forest fire

Just two days after Kate’s wedding, a terrible forest fire broke out just a few miles from our home. The Black Forest fire, which blew up on Tuesday, June 11, scorched over 25 square miles of drought-ravaged forest driven by 40-50 mile an hour winds. The fire killed at least two people and completely destroyed nearly 500 homes. 41,000 people from over 14,000 homes were evacuated from an area of 55 square miles.

Many of you who followed us on FaceBook prayed for us and for our community and the rain and cooler temperatures you prayed for came on Friday, June 14. As of that day, the so-called “Battle for the Black Forest” began to be won. However, we’ve had many friends who have lost their home and virtually all of their possessions. We’d ask you to keep them in your prayers.

3) JUNE 15th — One Way Ticket to Baton Rouge

On Saturday, June 15th, Barb left to go to Baton Rouge, via a one-way ticket, to care for her mother during her last days on earth. Many of you have prayed for Pud and know that she bravely fought a nearly 10-year battle with stage IV lung cancer. Non-smoking women who have this type of cancer (bronchoalveolar carcinoma) usually live only a few months. The Lord, however, gave us the blessing of an extra decade with this amazing woman, for which we are eternally grateful. Anyway, we didn’t know if Barb would be gone for weeks or for months, but were delighted she could be with her mom. And, the Lord gave them an absolutely wonderful week together.

4) JUNE 24th — Jada’s Graduation

At 427 pm on Monday, June 27th, in the presence of her sister (Aunt Kitty) and three of her four children, Pud (who her grandchildren called “Jada”) peacefully graduated to glory. She was ready physically, psychologically, and, most important, spiritually. Just before she passed, she looked at each of her children, and then appeared to look up. What she saw we don’t know, but she smiled a peaceful, contented smile, and then closed her eyes and breathed her last.

Thanks to so many of you who prayed for so long and so consistently for this wonderful woman, whose mortal remains were laid to rest in Prentiss, Mississippi, on Thursday, June 27th. I was grateful and blessed to be able to officiate her burial service. She is and will be missed. May we all be blessed with such a fruitful life and peaceful passing.


Pud as a college co-ed at LSU

Pud and Aunt KittyJada and her sister, Kitty

5) Number One Best Seller

I was delighted that my book for boys going through puberty (and their parents), The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body, moved into the #1 best-seller list during the week of July 15, in the Children’s Books category of “Health and Maturing.”

  •       Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #939 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
  •       #1 in Books > Children’s Books > Growing Up & Facts of Life > Health > Maturing
  •       #4 in Books > Children’s Books > Religions > Christianity
  •       #4 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Children’s & Teens

Of course, it’s no coincidence that this was the same week that Jim Daly and John Fuller broadcast their interview with me about the book on their national Focus on the Family radio program. You can listen to the interview, “Talking to Your Son About Puberty,” here or purchase a signed copy of the book here.

Guys Body Book Cover Small

6) Another printing of His Brain, Her Brain

Barb and I were delighted to receive a notice from Zondervan that our book, His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage has just gone into its 10th printing. We’re delighted that the book not only seems to be helping so many marriages, but also helping single men and women understand the divine design of the opposite sex.

By the way, if you’d like to attend a weekend conference and hear us teach this information, see the prayer request below. Also, you can order signed copies of the book here.

His Brain, Her Brain - .025 MB JPEG


1) Barb


As recounted above, in two short weeks in June, my best friend and the love of my life (1) gave away her daughter, (2) almost lost her home, and (3) said good-bye to her mom. Undoubtedly, each of these life-changing events, on their own, would be a stressful journey, to say the least. Can you imagine experiencing them together over such a short time. Although she’s a remarkable woman and doing amazingly well, would you keep Barb in your prayers? And, if you have a moment, would you consider dropping her a word of encouragement? Perhaps a reminder of how the Lord has used her in your life? Or used her to encourage her? Thanks!

2) Current Writing Projects 

I’d be blessed if you’d pray for me as I continue working on two writing projects this next two months:

  1. The first is an updated and revised version of The Saline Solution, which is a teaching tool I co-authored with pastor and theologian William Carr Peel, ThM, that teaches healthcare professionals how to bring their faith to work each day. The new course is tentatively titled Grace Prescriptions: Becoming a Spiritual Influence in Healthcare. We presented the first trial conference of this new course in February and it was well received. Now we’ll be adapting the course to present at least twice more this year before “going public” with the new course late this fall. More on that in the next item.
  2. The second is a book for girls heading into and through puberty—and their moms—The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions About Your Body that I’m writing with Amaryllis Sanchez-Wohlever, MD, a dear friend and former practice colleague at Heritage Family Physicians in Kissimmee, FL. This is a sequel to my book The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body that was released in March 2012. We’ve completed the line edits on the manuscript during April and May and will be doing the final “galley” edits later this summer.

By the way, here’s a first look at the proposed cover for the new book:

Cover Small

3) Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional, how often do you prescribe grace to your patients? Not just competent and compassionate care, which is important, but also specific and appropriate doses of grace that may bring your patients a step closer to a right relationship with God?

Many of us in healthcare struggle with guilt and inadequacy in this area. But there is hope.

Consider joining me for one of two live seminars of a brand new course, called Grace Prescriptions, which is designed to teach you to share your faith with patients in ways that safeguard the important ethical principles of respect, sensitivity, and permission.

Originally taught in CMDA’s popular Saline Solution course, these concepts are proven to be effective as thousands of lives have been transformed. Grace Prescriptions builds on this legacy.

Here are two options for you to consider:

  • Saturday, August 17 at the Community Chapel in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Saturday, October 12 at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky

For information and to register call 888-230-2637 or email And, of course, if you can’t attend, I do hope you’ll pray for us as we’re teaching.


  • Jun 9: Kate, our daughter, married Charles Ritz.
  • Jun 11: The Black Forest Fire exploded into our lives.
  • Jun 15: Barb traveled to Baton Rouge to care for her mother indefinitely.
  • Jun 24: Barb’s mom graduated to glory.
  • Jun 27: Barb’s mom’s memorial and burial services.
  • July was, praise the Lord, a month of rest and recuperation for us.


  •  Aug 12-16, I was back in Tulsa, OK, where I served (am serving) as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency. I am always so blessed to be with these wonderful Christian faculty, staff, and family medicine residents.
  • Aug 16-17, I’ll be teaching a “Grace Prescriptions” conference for healthcare professionals at the Community Chapel in Williamsburg, Virginia. For information and to register call 888-230-2637 or email
  • Aug 21, I will attend a Board Meeting of Life Network. I love the work this ministry accomplishes.
  • Aug 28-31, Barb and I will fly to Baton Rouge, rent a truck, load it with some of Barb’s mom’s gifts to us, and then spend 2-3 days driving back to Colorado Springs. Prayers for traveling mercies will be appreciated.
  • Sep 13-14, Barb and I will be teaching a “His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage” conference at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs.
  • Sep 19-20, I will be attending an HCJB Global Board Meeting in Colorado Springs.
  • Sep 20-22, I will be speaking at a fundraising event for HCJB Global Colorado Springs.
  • Sep 23-27, Barb and I will be enjoying some “beach” and “us” time at an isolated location on the panhandle of Florida.
  • Sep 27-29, Barb and I will be in Baton Rouge attending a reunion of the LSU ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now called “Cru,” but I just can’t get used to the new name!) with former staff and students from the 1970’s.
  • Oct 2-6, Barb and I will be in Chicago where I’ll be attending an AMA RUC meeting.
  • Oct 10-13, I’ll be teaching another “Grace Prescriptions” conference for healthcare professionals. This one will be at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. For information and to register call 888-230-2637 or email
  • Oct 14-17, Barb and I will be enjoying some “mountain” and “us” time at the Ranch at Emerald Valley deep in the Rockies.

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A Final Thank You!!!

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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