Larimore Family Prayer Letter (2/15 – 4/14)

In the past, these every-other-month prayer letters have only been send to a group of subscribers who faithfully pray for Barb and me and our family. But now we want to share these prayer requests with those of you who read my blog. And, for those of you to whom prayer is a daily spiritual discipline, we hope you’ll include us and our ministry on your prayer list.

In this prayer letter:

  • 1)   My Job Situation
  • 2)   Kate and Charles’ Wedding Plans
  • 1)   Barb’s Mom
  • 2)   Book Award
  • 3)   Current Writing Projects


1) My Job Situation

My last day at Mission Medical Clinic (MMC) was December 6th due to a decrease in grants and giving. Since then, the Lord has been gracious to provide some options for me:

  • I’ve begun doing some part-time occupational health and urgent care with Concentra Health Care in Denver and Colorado Springs. The drive to Denver can be a bear, but they are hoping to have more Colorado Springs work for me in the future.
  • A dear friend, a family physician here in the Springs has also offered me some part-time work. I’m praying about this option.
  • Last, but not least, I do hope to keep seeing patients a couple of times a month at MMC and am praying that one day the Lord may be pleased to place me back among the amazing people who minister there. I will miss each of them more than I can say.

Thanks for your prayers for me as I sort out these options.

2) Kate and Charles’ Wedding Plans

Kate and her fiancé, Charles Ritz, are moving along in their plans to be married on Sunday, June 9th. The are very wisely moving through a number of critical steps:

  • They’ve begun meeting monthly with a Marriage Mentor couple.
  • They’ve begun Premarital Evaluation (using the Prepare/Enrich system) and Premarital Counseling.
  • They’re scheduling to attend a “Weekend to Remember” with Family Life Today (kind of an Engaged Encounter preparation for marriage weekend).
  • They’re currently attending an 8 week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.
  • Charles and I meet every week or two for a Bible study and accountability time. It’s been a ton of fun.

We’re proud of them for not only preparing for their wedding, but for their preparing for a life-long marriage.

Prayers for all of us while we’re on this journey would be appreciated.


1) Barb’s Mom

Thanks for continuing to keep Barb’s mom, Pud, in your prayers. But, she seems to be stable for now. Barb is planning to be in Baton Rouge at least one week a month to care for her mom and to be with her during this difficult journey. And, if needed, Barb will move in with her mom there in Baton Rouge. Barb and I (and, I’m sure, Pud) would continue to cherish your consistent and persistent prayers.

2) Book Award

As I mentioned in our December prayer letter, the two novels of mine that were published in 2012, Hazel Creek and its sequel, Sugar Fork, have been nominated to receive a Christy Award.

Cover Hazel Creek - smaller

So, I was wondering if you’d join me in praying that the Lord might be pleased to allow one or both might be chosen for this prestigious recognition.


3) Current Writing Projects

I’d be blessed if you’d pray for me as I work on two writing projects this fall.

  1. The first is an updated and revised version of The Saline Solution, which is a teaching tool I co-authored with pastor and theologian William Carr Peel, ThM, that teaches healthcare professionals how to bring their faith to work each day. The new course is tentatively titled Grace Prescriptions: Becoming a Spiritual Influence in Healthcare. We presenting the first trial conference of this new course earlier in February and it was well received. Now we’ll be adapting the course to present at least twice more this year before “going to press.”
  1. The second is a book for girls heading into and through puberty—and their moms—The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions About Your Body that I’m writing with Amaryllis Sanchez-Wohlever, MD, a dear friend and former practice colleague at Heritage Family Physicians in Kissimmee, FL. This is a sequel to my book The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body that was released in March 2012. We’ll be sending in the manuscript on March 1.


  • Dec 29, I preached at our church, the Little Log Church in Palmer Lake on the topic of The Palm Tree Christian: Principles for Thriving during the Storms of Life. You can listen to the sermon here or download a MP-3 file of the sermon here.
  • Jan 5-6, we celebrated Barb’s birthday with a romantic weekend in Denver. We enjoyed a couple of wonderful meals together and attended special Van Gogh exhibit. It was a great weekend.
  • Jan 11-13, we were in Tulsa, OK, attending the annual Winter Retreat of the In His Image Family Medicine Residency. We are always blessed to be with this wonderful Christian ministry.
  • Jan 19, I preached at Fallbrook Church in Houston, TX. You can listen to my sermon, based upon my book, Why ADHD Doesn’t Mean Disaster, by clicking here.


  • Jan 22-27, we were in Tampa, FL, where I attended an AMA RUC meeting. We were able to share some time with very special friends in the area, including Mark and Susan Merrill, Pete and Cathie Armstrong, Jennifer Adamson, and Darla Catoe.
  • Jan 28-Feb 3, Barb was in Baton Rouge with her mom. It was a very fruitful visit.
  • Feb 8-10, I was in Bristol, TN, at the headquarters of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations to present the first Grace Prescriptions conference. The material seemed very well received.
  • Feb 14, I spoke at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, at the invitation of my dear friends, Fred Brown, MD, and Scott Phillips. I spoke on the topic of Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Care and you can listen to my comments here.
  • Feb 15-17, Barb and I taught a Valentine’s weekend couples’ retreat, based upon our book, His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage, at the Laity Lodge near San Antonio, TX. It was a blessed weekend for us.

His Brain, Her Brain


Monthly Family Newsletter 

If you’re interested in our family newsletter, the February issue can be found here and the January issue here.

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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