Larimore Family Prayer Letter (10/15 – 12/14)

In this prayer letter:

  • 1) HCJB Global Manifesto
  • 2) How to Cherish Your Wife
  • 3) Medical News You Can Use
  • 4) Blue Ridge Book Festival Interview
  • 5) Article in Significant Living
  • 1) Current Writing Projects
  • 2) Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals
  • 3) Upcoming Marriage Conference in Colorado Springs


1) HCJB Global Manifesto

I have the honor and privilege of serving on the Board of Trustees of HCJB Global. Wayne Pederson, the President of HCJB shared the brand new HCJB Global Manifesto as part of his President’s Report at our last Board meeting.  The Board of Trustees unanimously chose to adopt it, even though it was not official board business.  May it encourage and challenge you as it did us!

 The Mission Manifesto

The Unreached – We refuse to stand idly by as people enter eternity without Christ when we can share the Good News that transforms them through the media they use.

The Weak and Infirm – We refuse to watch people for whom Christ died suffer in pain and poverty when we can help restore them in His name.

The Resistant – We refuse to fear the darkness that entraps people when common sense says, “protect yourself.” We will don the armor of God for the sake of the unreached if that’s what’s required.

Partnership – We will release what God has given us to empower others to multiply God’s Kingdom through the gifts He has given them.

Technology – We will leverage, to the best of our ability, God’s gift of media and medical technology to reveal His eternal wisdom to those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Resources – We will employ every resource, talent and ounce of energy God gives us to shine the light of His grace into the darkest recesses of the planet.

Declaration – We will shout from every peak, pinnacle and rooftop that the only hope for this dying world is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Summary – As long as God provides His abundant grace, we will not stop or be deterred from this calling. We work relentlessly for the day when a gaze around the expanse of heaven reveals thousands worshipping at Jesus’ feet because of the mission He gave us for this moment in eternity.

2) How to Cherish Your Wife

Focus on the Family is re-broadcasting a talk I gave on “How to Cherish Your Wife.” The original talk was given at a Focus on the Family conference back in the 1990s. But, each time they’ve broadcast the program, it’s been one of the most popular of the entire year.

The broadcast is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, November 7-8, 2013. On the scheduled airdate, the streaming audio of this broadcast will appear on the FOTF website.  FOTF’s Facebook and Twitter pages will also link to the web page.

On FOFT’s radio page, along with the broadcast, you will find a list of local radio stations that carry the program in your area. In addition, a downloadable podcast will be available on iTunes (just search for Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast).

I hope you can tune in to it, or download it and listen in. And do let me know what you think.

And, I hope you will join Barb and I in praying that many, many marriages will be blessed by this information.

3) Medical News You Can Use

My new daily health news blog launched last month and is already garnering growing numbers of interested readers. You can see the weekday blog here or listen to by going here and clicking on the news story you want to hear. You can also sign up to receive a daily email notice about each story by clicking here and looking for the “subscribe” button.

I hope you find it both fun and informative and join m in praying the Lord will use it to help many chose to become more highly healthy!

4) Blue Ridge Book Festival Interview

This last May I was a guest author and speaker at the Blue Ridge Book Fest in Hendersonville, NC. While I was there, I taped a TV interview that’s now available on line. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

5) Article in Significant Living

My article in the Oct-Nov issue of Significant Living is on “A Hopeful Spirit Improves Your Health.” You can read the article here.


1) Current Writing Projects

I’d be blessed if you’d continue to pray for me as I work on two writing projects this next two months:

1) The first is an updated and revised version of The Saline Solution, which is a teaching tool I co-authored with pastor and theologian William Carr Peel, ThM, that teaches healthcare professionals how to bring their faith to work each day.

The new course is tentatively titled Grace Prescriptions: Becoming a Spiritual Influence in Healthcare. We presented the first trial conference of this new course in February and it was well received.

Now we’ll be adapting the course to present at least twice more before “going public” with the new course next spring. (More details below.)

2) The second is a book for girls heading into and through puberty—and their moms—The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions About Your Body that I’m writing with Amaryllis Sanchez-Wohlever, MD, a dear friend and former practice colleague at Heritage Family Physicians in Kissimmee, FL.

This is a sequel to my book The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body that was released in March 2012.

Guys Body Book Cover Small

I’m expecting to be going through the final “galley” edits later this month and the book is scheduled for release in December. Signed copies will be available here after release. By the way, here’s a first look at the proposed cover for the new book:

Cover Small

2) Upcoming “Grace Prescription” Conferences for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional, how often do you prescribe grace to your patients? Not just competent and compassionate care, which is important, but also specific and appropriate doses of grace that may bring your patients a step closer to a right relationship with God? Many of us in healthcare struggle with guilt and inadequacy in this area. But there is hope.

Consider joining me for one of two live seminars of a brand new course, called Grace Prescriptions, which is designed to teach health professionals to incorporate their spiritual faith with patients in ways that safeguard the important ethical principles of respect, sensitivity, and permission.

Originally taught in CMDA’s popular Saline Solution course, these concepts have proven to be effective as thousands of lives have been transformed. Grace Prescriptions builds on this legacy.

Here are two options for you to consider:

  • Friday Evening and Saturday, January 17-18, 2014, in Augusta, GA.
  • Saturday, February 8, at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky

More details are available here. For information and to register call 888-230-2637 or email And, of course, if you can’t attend, I do hope you’ll pray for us as we’re teaching.

3) Upcoming Marriage Conference in Colorado Springs

For those of you who live in the Colorado Springs area, Barb and I will be teaching a marriage conference at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center on Friday and Saturday, January 10-11. The conference will be based on our book, His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage.

His Brain, Her Brain - .025 MB JPEG

This conference was originally scheduled for September, but the flash floods in Colorado Springs caused it to be canceled and rescheduled. So, we hope you can come.

Our small group leader wrote this note about the Conference:

The Conference is more about understanding the opposite sex and thus one will drastically improve their marriage. It is open and encouraged for singles as well as couples. We feel anyone 18 or older will benefit.

Friday evening will start around 6 pm (to be finalized) with coffee and dessert available while Walt and Barb teach. That evening is expected to end around 9:30 pm. Saturday will go from about 8:30 am to around 7:30 pm. A continental breakfast, lunch and nice dinner will be included. A nice personal picture will be taken during the day.

Walt and Barb will have copies of their book there for sale and will be happy to autograph them. It is not necessary to read the book prior to the seminar. Please feel free to share this with all your clients/friends. Anyone who wants to sign up should call 719-481-2409. The cost is $175 per couple.

And, of course, if you can’t come, we’d treasure your prayers for us and the attendees during the conference.


  • Aug 12-16, I was back in Tulsa, OK, where I served as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency. I am always so blessed to be with these wonderful Christian faculty, staff, and family medicine residents.
  • Aug 16-17, I was scheduled to teach and have video taped a “Grace Prescriptions” conference for healthcare professionals at the Community Chapel in Williamsburg, Virginia. However, after the presentation of this conference in Williamsburg in Juen, we realized it was not yet ready for videotaping. So, this event has been rescheduled for February 8, 2014.
  • Aug 21, I attended a Board Meeting of Life Network. I love the work this ministry accomplishes.
  • Aug 28-31, Barb and I flew to Baton Rouge, rented a truck, loaded it with some of Barb’s mom’s gifts to us, and then spent 2 days driving back to Colorado Springs. Your prayers for traveling mercies were richly answered. We had a great “road trip” and enjoyed it so much we’re likely to plan some additional road trips next year!
  • Sep 13-14, Barb and I were scheduled to teach a “His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage” conference at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs. However, due to the floods that hit our area that week, the event had to be canceled. It is now rescheduled for January 10-11, 2014.
  • Sep 19-20, I attending an HCJB Global Board Meeting in Colorado Springs. If you’ve not seen the “HCJB Manifesto” (above) that came out of that meeting, do take a look. The board handled a number of critical issues, and your prayer cover was effective.
  • Sep 20-22, I spoke at a fundraising event for HCJB Global Colorado Springs. Thanks for your prayers. Both talks were well received.
  • Sep 23-27, Barb and I enjoyed some “beach” and “us” time at the Henderson Park Inn in Destin, FL. We had both wonderful weather and a great time of rest and relaxation.
  • Sep 27-29, Barb and I were in Baton Rouge and attended a reunion of the LSU ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now called “Cru,” but I just can’t get used to the new name!) and The Chapel on Campus with former staff and students from the 1970’s. We so enjoyed seeing so many who so powerfully impacted our early walk with Christ. What a joy it was to hear their testimonies of God’s faithfulness over the last 40 years. May we all continue to be found faithful!
  • Oct 2-6, Barb and I were in Chicago where I attended an AMA RUC meeting. However, we took a couple of days to sightsee and enjoy the city and some marvelous restaurants.
  • Oct 11-12, I’ll was in Dallas working with the creative team of Bill Peel, ThM, and Gene Rudd, MD, putting together the final touches on a course for health professionals called Grace Prescriptions. We had a great time together and the course is shaping up really well. I cannot wait to see how it is received in Augusta in January and at Asbury College in February.
  • Oct 14-17, Barb and I were scheduled to be enjoying some “mountain” and “us” time at the Ranch at Emerald Valley deep in the Rockies. However, because of the severe flooding in September, the ranch and its access road were severely damaged. So, we’re going to have to reschedule this trip for another time.


  • Oct 19, I’ll fly to Sacramento, CA, to speak at a fundraising banquet for the newly forming Dream Center of Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin.
  • Oct 24, I’ll be in Denton, TX, to speak at the annual fundraising banquet for the Women to Women Pregnancy Resource Center.
  • Oct 29-Nov 2, I will be back in Tulsa serving as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency and Barb will be spending time with a dear friend in Florida.
  • Nov 7-9, I’ll be attending and teaching at the Global Health Missions Conference at the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.
  • Nov 15-17, Barb and I will be attending the annual Board Retreat of Life Network at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs.
  • Nov 24-29, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with son, Scott, daughter-in-love, Jennifer, and their girls in Decatur, Georgia.
  • Dec 12-16, Barb and I will be in Baton Rouge celebrating a family reunion with her side of the family.

If you’re interested in our most recent family newsletters here they are:

You can get also more information on many of our upcoming events here.

A Final Thank You!!!

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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