Larimore Family Newsletter – April 2010

Here are the contents of our April Family Newsletter:

  • Family Update: Continued Feedback from Sexual Abuse Broadcast
  • Broadcast Update:Sex and Intimacy in Marriage Broadcast
  • Publication Update: Coming April 15: Workplace Grace AND coming June 1: Time Scene Investigators: The Influenza Bomb
  • Events of the last month
  • Upcoming Events

Family Update

We continue to receive feedback from our two-day Focus on the Family Daily Radio Broadcast on the topic of “Finding Healing from Sexual Abuse” on February 1-2.

Here’s just a few of the notes we’ve received:

  • Emily, 83 years old, sent her thanks for this broadcast. She went through this as the mother of two daughters who, unbeknownst to her at the time, were molested by their father. One daughter, now 60 years old, has never been able to talk about it and her husband of 30+ years does not know. The other daughter can talk about it but this has affected her relationship with her husband from who she is now divorced.
  • Sarah has had to “forgive God” as was mentioned on the broadcast and knows that God has forgiven her for any part she may have had in her naiveté. She knows this broadcast will help many others who have gone through what this family has gone through.
  • I am so grateful for today’s broadcast, and especially I praise the Lord for the Larimore family and for their courage in coming “out” with their story. The Lord has used it to encourage me, and I know it will be a blessing to many other suffering souls that have lived with the secrets of past abuse.
  • My girlfriend recently found out from her 13 year old daughter, that she was molested at 5 yrs old; which of course put them in a tailspin.  I sent along the link to your radio shows yesterday that will surely do EXACTLY, I mean EXACTLY what you hoped they would.  They were blindsided by it, with all the same guilt and sadness. The calm conversations from all of you are just so awesome.  Especially hearing from Kate … OMG, what a woman she is!!   It’s as if she is telling this little girl that she too, will be okay.  Thank you is hardly enough to say to you all. Well done.

You can listen to the broadcasts and find out more information here:

You can get an autographed copy of Bryson City Secrets, or any of the other Bryson City books, here.

You can also read sample chapters of most of my books from this webpage.

Broadcasting Update

Sex and Intimacy in Marriage

April 7 I’ll be a guest on the Your Family Live! webcast on the topic of “Sex and Intimacy” from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. (EDT). Here’s some of the promo information on the program:

Husbands and wives can be extremely frustrated with each other when it comes to the differences in sexual needs and expectations in marriage. Have you ever found yourself fighting, having feelings of resentment, guilt or even rejection because you can’t communicate in this one area with your spouse? Next week’s Your Family Live! webcast is for you!

You can visit the Sex and Intimacy webcast page here.

Publishing Update

Coming April 15: Workplace Grace

The publisher writes: Workplace Grace, formerly titled Going Public with Your Faith, flies in the face of almost everything you’ve ever read or heard about evangelism.


This book is written for all Christians who may not think they have a gift for sharing their faith but want their lives to have a spiritual influence on the people around them. It describes the incorporation of faith into secular work as a process and helps you understand how your skills and God-given gifts can easily be used to draw customers, clients, and coworkers to new life in Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the book here.

Coming June 1: Time Scene Investigators: The Influenza Bomb

My second novel, a sequel to Time Scene Investigators: The Gabon Virus, is scheduled for release in June. Here’s the cover for the book. I hope you like it as much as I do:


Events of the last month

Mar 1-4: Barb and I took a few days off for vacation and a ski trip to the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. We had beautiful weather and a delightful time together. And, as an added bonus, because it was before spring break, there was almost no one on the slopes!

Mar 4-5: I flew to Washington, DC, to participate in a National Health Policy Forum at Georgetown. My presentation was well received.

Mar 12-13: I flew to Minneapolis, MN, where my friend Bill Peel and I co-taught a conference at Leif Anderson’s Wooddale Church on “Workplace Grace: Becoming a spiritual influence at work.”

Their outreach pastor wrote, “One of the most strategic ministries any church can have is its worklife ministry. The people of the church are placed by God in a variety of fascinating and challenging work settings, and they each have a unique opportunity to be a witness for Jesus. However, so many feel ill-equipped to minister effectively where they work. The Workplace Grace seminar will equip your people to be effective as salt and light in the workplace. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to prepare your people to bring Jesus to their colleagues, friends, and family.”

Mar 17: I drove to Denver to present a Grand Rounds at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center on the topic of “The Spiritual History as a Component of Quality Patient Care.” Even though it was spring break, the room was packed to “standing room only.” I was pleased with how the information was received by the students and faculty.

Mar 29-31: I flew to Tulsa to be a Visiting Professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency, while Barb flew home to visit with her family. My time with the students and residents was a blessing for me. My two lectures, one on “Natural Medications in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis: An Evidence-Based Approach” and a second on “His Brain, Her Brain: How Innate Differences Can Affect Personal and Professional Relationships” were both well received. Barb had a delightful time with her family.

Upcoming Events

All Month Long: I’ll be laboring to finish my final edits for my first solo novel, Hazel Creek. The manuscript is due May 8th.

Apr 7: I’ll be a guest on a live webcast of “Your Family Live!” The topic will be “Sex and Intimacy.” The broadcast will be from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. (EDT). You can visit the Sex and Intimacy webcast page here.

Apr 14: I’ll fly to Kearney, Nebraska to make two presentations for the Two Rivers Department of Public Health on the topic of “How to Protect Your Family from the Childhood Obesity Epidemic.” I’ll be speaking in  Lexington and Holdrege. There’s more information about the events here.

Apr 28-30: Barb and I will fly to Chicago where I’ll participate in an AMA RUC meeting. We always enjoy being in Chicago in the spring and are looking forward to our trip.

Past Issues

You can get more information on many of my upcoming events here.

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