Larimore Bi-Monthly Prayer Letter (June 15 – August 14, 2014)

In this prayer letter:

  • Three Writing Projects
  • Walk for Life
  • The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book is still getting great reviews!
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • New “Larimore” tour of Bryson City



1) Writing Projects

I’d be blessed if you’d continue to pray for several potential writing projects:

  • I’ve developed a proposal for a new book, tentatively titled Straight Talk about Your Health and Fitness: A complete guide to building your personal plan for the long run.I’m working on the proposal with Philip Bishop, EdD, a long-time friend and professor of exercise science at the University of Alabama. The proposal is currently being considered by several publishers.
  • I’m working with my dear friend, Bill Peel, ThM, to produce the second edition of Workplace Grace: Becoming a spiritual influence at work. The first edition was a Christianity Today Book of the Year. We are currently negotiating with a publisher.
  • I’m continuing to work with the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) on the release of Grace Prescriptions, a course designed to teach health professionals how to ethically and effectively bring their Christian faith to work in the healthcare environments into which they are called. This conference, video small-group curriculum, and Internet-based curriculum should be ready for release later this summer.


1) One-year Anniversary

Barb and I are grateful to the Lord for giving Kate and Charles a blessed first year of marriage. Not that it’s always been easy, but it never is, is it? We’re grateful for the way they love the Lord, each other, and others. Congrats Charles and Kate! May you have many, many more.

2) Walk for Life

We absolutely LOVE the ministry of Life Network, a life affirming ministry in Colorado Springs. However, we’ve never been in town for their major fundraiser, their Walk for Life  This year we were in town and walking. Over 50 friends supported our walk and we, together, raised nearly $4,000 for the ministry. Thanks for your prayers for us as we walked!

3) The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book is still getting great reviews!

Thanks so much for your prayers about this book. The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-so-silly questions about your body was released earlier this year and is still getting great reviews on the various Internet bookstore websites. I’ve done interviews for Focus on the Family, the 700 Club, and Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk that will be broadcast later this year. I’ll post those dates, as soon as I know them, on my blog at

If you know a young lady heading toward or through puberty, I hope you’ll consider getting a copy for her and her family! Signed copies are available here. Also, you can also order discounted copies and read reviews at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or CBD.

Ultimate Girls Body Book Smallest


  • Apr 22-27, Barb and I were in Chicago where I attended an AMA RUC meeting. This is one of three meetings the group has each year. We enjoyed our time in downtown Chicago together.
  • May 1, I had a book signing at the Covered Treasures Book Store in Monument, CO, from 5-7 PM. Quite a number of locals dropped by and it was a very successful evening.
  • May 7-9, I attended the International Board Meeting of the Reach Beyond Ministry (formerly known as HCJB). This was our first meeting with Reach Beyond president Wayne Pederson since he lost his precious wife, Norma, to ovarian cancer earlier this year. During the Board meeting, we had a deeply moving and meaningful memorial service at First Pres for Norma.
  • May 10-11, I attended a Board Retreat for the Life Network ministry. It was a very fruitful meeting.
  • May 17, Barb and I were at a book signing at the Focus on the Family Bookstore in Colorado Springs. It was part of a very large event for children and families.
  • May 24-27, I flew to Boston and enjoyed a delightful visit with some dear friends. I also spent one day teaching at the Annual Scientific Assembly of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. The entire trip went very well.
  • Jun 9-15, Barb and I are just finishing an absolutely amazing vacation road trip through the Rocky Mountains. We visited Central City, Estes Park, the Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, Kremmling, Vail, Glenwood Springs, and Aspen. We took some amazing hikes in the Rocky Mountain National Park (Lily Lake, Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, the Aluvial Fan), in Glenwood Canyon (the Hanging Lake), around Vail, near Aspen (the Maroon Bells), and near Independence Pass. We had a wonderful time together.


  • Jun 19, I’ll be having hernia surgery and would appreciate you prayers on that day and during the first few days post-op.
  • Jun 26-29, Barb and I will be at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency graduation. We’re always blessed by my wonderful interactions with these marvelous young residents.
  • Jul 3, I’ll be having major dental surgery and would appreciate you prayers on that day and during the first few days post-op.
  • Jul 22-28, Barb and I will take a camping road trip up into Wyoming and North Dakota. We’re planning of going to the Cheyenne Frontier Days as well as seeing the sites in the Badlands.
  • Jul 30-Aug 3, Barb and I will be in Kansas City, where I’ll be teaching several times at the Christian Ophthalmology Society meeting.
  • Aug 5, I’ll be in studio with Dr. James Dobson recording a program for his national radio program, Family Talk, on my book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-so-silly questions about your body.
  • Aug 11-15, I be serving as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, OK. My time there is always a blessing.


1) Laughter is the best medicine

Many of you know I write a column (Ask Dr. Walt) for Today’s Christian Living (formerly Significant Living Magazine). Their July edition is all about humor, and my article is entitled, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” The sidebar is “Heart-Healthy Humor.” If you enjoy the articles, I hope you’ll consider signing up for a subscription.

2) New “Larimore” tour of Bryson City

Even after having had the privilege of writing 30 books, my best selling series is still my first – the “Bryson City” series (Bryson City Tales, Bryson City Seasons, and Bryson City Secrets).

I’ve recently learned that the Chamber of Commerce in Bryson City has had so many people come by wanting a map of the various places mentioned in each of the books, that they developed a brochure called, “The Larimore Tour of Bryson City.” I thought you might enjoy seeing it and you can find it ere.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 3.20.28 PM

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A Final Thank You!!!

Barb and I are SO grateful for your prayer support for our ministry and for us. We simply could not do this without the precious gift of your prayers and friendship.

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    Hope all goes well on your two scheduled surgeries. Prayers.

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    Thanks, so much. Your prayers are a precious gift.


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